Charge@Work is a United States Department of Energy funded program led by CALSTART. It is designed to bring electric vehicle (EV) charging to American workers by engaging workplaces, public officials, and community leaders to start workplace charging programs.

Our goal is to help grow EV charging solutions for the workplaces and workers who power the American economy.

How We Work

Charge@Work is your workplace charging concierge. We can support your workplace charging project from idea to implementation with our technical, planning, installation, and incentive program expertise.

We offer:

  1. Free access to our incentives database: Our incentives database helps you identify what funds are available through your utility, municipality, and/or state simply by entering your zip code.
  2. Free use of the Charge@Work Project Builder tool: Our virtual tool guides you through the process of choosing a charger, determining the number of chargers needed, consulting with your utility, choosing a contractor, estimating costs, and much more.
  3. Free site assessments: Site assessments can help you understand the opportunities and constraints of your worksite. Fill out our site assessments form, and you’ll be connected with a qualified Charge@Work site assessment partner within 48 hours.
  4. Free employee engagement support: No matter where you are in the process, gathering support and information from workers is critical. Charge@Work can support your company’s EV affinity groups, employee surveys, webinars, and even in-person EV ride-and-drive events.
  5. Free marketing and promotion: We want to spread the word about workplace charging — and you! We want to spotlight workplace charging leaders through social media, case studies, and our events. Email us your workplace charging story at [email protected].

Get started by signing up to receive program updates and pledging your support to accelerate EV workplace charging across the United States.

The Charge@Work Experience

• Sign up for updates • Access Charge@Work resource library • Catalog local + federal incentives Learn • Sign the Charge@Work pledge • Tell us about your project! • Tap Charge@Work experts + partners • Engage + support workers Engage • Build project virtually with Charge@Work Project Builder • Get free site assessment • Connect with utility + local contractors Plan • Finalize plan + access funding • Engage contractors • Break ground + build Build • Spread the word about workplace charging • Create case study • Get recognized! Celebrate Hover to reveal

Why Workplace Charging?

There are more than three-million EVs on the road in the United States and EV ownership is rapidly on the rise. Roughly 60% of EV drivers need chargers at work because of long commutes or no access to at-home charging. It’s not surprising that given these long commutes, 74% of EV owners express strong interest in workplace charging — that’s because workplaces are the second most likely location for drivers to charge up. The desire and need for workplace charging rises even higher among lower and moderate income EV drivers.

Workplaces that adopt workplace charging can enjoy:

  • Better retention of happier, more productive workers
  • The positive reputation of having smart, community-driven, strategic leadership
  • A competitive edge other workplaces that lack expected amenities like EV charging

EV workplace charging is no longer an unexpected benefit or unique “perk” for workers, it is an expected amenity — and becoming the new normal. Much like wifi or laptops, EV workplace charging is increasingly becoming a part of the “everyday” infrastructure needed to properly support employees.

Workplaces that provide workplace EV charging are also helping to further equity goals by:

  • Creating needed fueling stations in EV charging deserts
  • Making it possible for renters, people who live in apartments and folks without dedicated parking to own an EV
  • Increasing accessibility of EV charging equipment for people with disabilities;
  • Boosting EV infrastructure in underserved areas, low-income neighborhoods, and communities of color

Together we can support cleaner air, a healthier environment, greater local energy independence, and responsible community stewardship through workplace EV charging.

Other Steps to Take

If you are not ready to start a workplace charging program today, you can still grow your EV and clean transportation leadership. We can help you:

  • Host an EV ride-and-drive
  • Start an EV affinity group
  • Encourage and support e-mobility at your workplace
  • Measure worker interest in EVs and workplace charging

Let us know how we can help by emailing [email protected].