Charge@Work is devoted to:

  • Increasing the availability of electric vehicle (EV) charging at workplaces nationwide
  • Decreasing the impacts of transportation pollution on the climate and public health
  • Supporting active leadership from both the public and private sector to create an effective and efficient national electric vehicle charging network
  • Helping workplaces and workers take advantage of the environmental and economic benefits of electric transportation
  • Supporting American workplaces in the development of clean transportation resources and technologies by providing technical, practical, and financial solutions

Pledgers are saying…

“We’re proud to be installing Siemens chargers at both our facilities and employees’ homes across the United States and joining the Charge@Work program is one of the many ways we are investing in our workforce, encouraging the EV transition, and supporting a cleaner future for all.”
Matt Helgeson, Head of Sustainability
”Workplace charging is a priority for us as part of our commitment to creating a sustainable, supportive, and attractive environment for our team and customers’ employees,” said Henrik Holland, Global Head of Mobility for Prologis.”
Henrik Holland, Global Head of Mobility
“We hope through further education and outreach efforts and events — such as those supported by Charge@Work — we can continue to address those concerns and make them aware of the many benefits of EVs, for both drivers and the environment”
John Silcox, public information officer
County of Fairfax, VA
“Governor Murphy and I are committed to moving forward decisively with the transition to an electrified transportation sector by providing the funding and the leadership that will result in a healthier, sustainable and more resilient future for New Jersey.”
Shawn M. LaTourette, New Jersey Environmental Protection Commissioner
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
“As one of the largest employers in Santa Fe, we have the opportunity to make a big impact by helping our employees switch to a cleaner commute,” said Mayor Alan Webber. “We know that transportation is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, so helping our employees switch to electric vehicles is an important step to reducing those emissions.”
Alan Webber, Mayor
City of Santa Fe, NM

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