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Charge@Work has officially launched! EVNoire and CalStart invites you to learn more about workplace charging and to have a first look at our collaboration with Fairfax County and national partners on the Charge@Work program and the Electric Vehicle Adoption Leadership (EVAL) certification. This initiative aims to increase EV adoption and foster cleaner, sustainable transportation at workplaces across the nation.

Our vision: Shift 50% of vehicle sales to electric by 2030, promoting healthier air and reduced pollution. We’re crafting guides for employers and employees on workplace charging, organizing training, and measuring project outcomes through surveys.

Charge@Work aims to engage over 50,000 workplaces, influencing hundreds of thousands of employees, and promoting the installation of 100,000+ EV charging stations. We’re committed to ensuring 40% of outreach targets priority communities often overlooked in transportation policy.

By leveraging our e-mobility expertise and commitment to diversity, we aim to build an equitable e-mobility infrastructure. This isn’t just a transition, it’s a transformation towards a sustainable future.

Join us as we share insights and explore the future of workplace charging. Together, let’s power a more sustainable, inclusive future.