The following public officials have signed the Charge@Work pledge to accelerate EV workplace charging. See what they have to say about powering the commutes of the workers who power the American economy.

“Workplace charging is often that extra incentive that can get people over the final hurdle to buy an EV.  I can’t count the number of times people have told me “My workplace just installed EV charging, and I’m thinking of buying an EV to take advantage of it.”

— Tom Konrad, Chair of the Environmental Conservation Commission (Town of Marbletown, NY)

“Charging at work can be a critical part of our growing EV charging infrastructure, helping to reduce range anxiety and especially making it easier for renters or others who can’t charge at home to own EVs.”

— State Rep. Larry Kraft (Minnesota)

“If we want everyone to be a part of our clean energy future, we need to ensure that everyone has access to EV charging. Workplace charging expands access to EV charging, makes employers more competitive, and provides a healthy environment for everyone.”

— City Council Member Josh Mandelbaum (Des Moines, IA)

“Workplace EV charging supports workers who can’t charge at home – those who live in apartment buildings, or who don’t have garages make up a large part of the workforce in Virginia. This is an important issue of equity and we hope to support workers by giving them reliable, safe access to charging infrastructure at work.”

— Chair At-Large Phyllis J. Randall (Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, VA)

“EVs are becoming a larger part of the energy conversation in Alaska. EV workplace charging can deliver cleaner air and a healthy environment, attract workers, lower fuel and maintenance costs for employees, and gives employers bragging rights. Investing now means we will be ready to power the commutes of the Alaskans, 50,000 of whom commute in and out of town every day, who power Anchorage’s economy.”

— Assembly Member Felix Rivera (Anchorage, AK)

“It’s inevitable: our country will be transitioning into an electric vehicle future. But this won’t be easy for everyone. As we make this transition, it is essential that we give every worker, blue collar or white collar, the tools to succeed. This includes investing in electric vehicle charging. To reiterate what Charge@Work has said: together, we can power workforce charging.”

— Councilmember Tyler Dos Santos-Tam (City and County of Honolulu, HI)

“Workplace charging helps us put more electric vehicles on the road because it gives workers a place to charge – especially those who may not be able to charge at home. More EVs means cleaner air, lower emissions and a healthier climate for Fairfax County.”

— Supervisor Dan Storck (Mount Vernon District in Fairfax County, VA)

“Nobody can thrive without clean air and equitable access to utilities. Workplace charging stations for electric vehicles will make renewable energy more accessible to more people. Everything we do to support renewable energy and green infrastructure is not only an investment in the health of our planet, but an investment in the health of our kids and our communities as well. I hope that we as Wisconsinites will create and support many more innovative energy projects going forward that equally distribute their benefits to all people.”

— Rep. Shelia Stubbs (77th Assembly District Wisconsin State Legislature)

“Employers who offer workplace EV charging are not only investing in a cost-effective way to recruit and retain employees, they are also playing a critical role in ensuring everyone can take part in the green revolution.”

— State Representative Lisa Subeck (District 78, Madison, WI)

“Easy and widespread access to EV charging for all vehicles, but most especially for our workforce, is no longer a ‘want’ but an urgent ‘need.’ The planet is now in a full-blown climate crisis, and we must aggressively pursue a multi-faceted strategy to reverse its impact. Workforce EV charging should be a key element of that strategy.”

— Supervisor Mike Turner (Office of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors)

“Workplace electric vehicle charging stations are a great incentive for employers to offer as we move toward clean energy and more electric cars on the road. Employers have to redefine benefits to the needs of future employees and access to more charging stations are beneficial for years to come.”

— Virginia Delegate Angelia Williams Graves (Norfolk, Virginia Beach)