Fairfax County Charge@Work Program Enrollment Resolution

Fairfax County has shown a strong commitment and leadership to environmental sustainability, community health and support of workers. Our adopted Community-wide Energy and Climate Action Plan (CECAP) commits the whole of Fairfax County to achieving carbon neutrality by the year 2050. Part of this plan includes increasing the purchase and use of electric vehicles as a fundamental strategy of that long-term carbon neutrality goal.

CECAP specifically sets a goal for electric vehicle use in the community of at least 15% of all light-duty registrations in the County by 2030. In addition, Fairfax County supports the environmental, air quality, jobs and economic opportunities electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging can produce.

The County is actively engaging and involving businesses and other workplaces in the achievement of the community carbon neutrality goal. With strategic technical and practical support, Fairfax County businesses and other workplaces can help accelerate electric vehicle adoption and access to clean transportation.

“Charge@Work” is a new program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy that provides free technical and program support to workplaces that pledge to encourage and facilitate electric vehicle use by employees.

Therefore, I move that the Board direct the County Executive (or his designee) to enroll Fairfax County government in the Charge@Work program for assistance supporting electric vehicle charging and access to clean transportation at workplaces.